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Even with the highest quality waste equipment, long-term performance requires a consistent preventative maintenance program to extend useful life.
FleetGenius Compactor Solutions Service Technicians Going to Perform Preventative Maintenance on a Clients Compactor & Baler.

Utilizing our preventative maintenance program will extend the life expectancy of your waste compactor and/or baler simply by maintaining the equipment at peak operation performance levels, while also reducing unexpected repair expenditures by recognizing potential problems before they occur.

We will provide a qualified technician to inspect your waste compaction system for proper operation—inspections will include the following (Please allow 1 hour per machine):

After the Preventative Maintenance Service has been performed, a report of the overall condition of the machine(s) and any recommended repairs will be generated and emailed with a copy of the inspection checklist. The hard copy of the report will also be mailed with the invoice.

Want to set up a preventative maintenance schedule for your waste compactor or recycling baler? SCHEDULE SERVICE TODAY!