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FleetGenius Compactor Solutions offers waste compactor and baler installation, modification, and relocation services throughout the United States.

Our expert team has the project management capabilities to coordinate freight, installation, and site requirements, providing you with a turnkey solution for Compactor & Baler Installation. We custom fabricate all installations to meet our client’s individual needs for optimal production and safety.

Our most common compactor & baler installations include:

Through-The-Wall Chute Compactor Installations

Through-The-Wall Chutes allow end users to dispose of waste and recyclable materials without having to walk outside the building. Below are examples of both a side feed chute application for a Self-Contained Compactor and a rear feed chute application for a Stationary Compactor.

Loading Dock Compactor Installations

Loading docks are the most frequently used locations for compactor installations. They are common for Stationary, Self-Contained, and Pre-Crusher Compactors. There are several applications that can be installed to fit your needs. These applications range from the most basic four-sided hopper to a modular full steel enclosure mounted on the compactor.


A doghouse is a secured enclosure over the charge chamber of a compactor. The security door on doghouses can be mounted on one side, both sides, and the rear of the compactor. Doors are safety interlocked so the ram stops when the door is opened. Doors can also be lockable to keep unauthorized persons from dumping into the compactor.


The primary function of a hopper is safety as they prevent users from reaching into the charge chamber. Their other functions are adding volume to the charge chamber of the compactor and funneling material into the charge chamber.

Baler Installations

We can install a full range of recycling baler machines. From simple vertical balers to more complex horizontal balers including both manual tie balers and automatic-tie balers; we can do it all.

Unique Installations

Challenge: Two self contained compactors in a building with a low ceiling.
Solution: We fabricated structured steel stands for the compactors to sit on, allowing the roll-off truck to pull the compactors without raising the lift.

Challenge: Self contained compactor with a stand extension.
Solution: In this situation, the building architect placed the trash chute door in the incorrect place. Therefore, we built a stand extension to compensate for the mistake.

Challenge: Self contained compactor with a second story chute.
Solution: This installation allowed the end user to dump trash at the point of production versus walking the trash to the lower level.

Challenge: Customer can only utilize one dock door, but has sufficient space for two compactors.
Solution: A double-full enclosure with a walk-way between the two compactors.